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Text Enable your Landline

Prospects are already texting you…you just dont know it yet!

Many established businesses have had a long history of promoting their primary landline — the flagship phone number that has driven sales and service inquiries for years. But, then the mobile phone came along and texting became a thing. You probably don’t know it, but people are texting your landline phone number. And, currently those leads and inquiries are just disappearing. 

With Text to Landline Pro, those new business accounts will result in a response from you…and ultimately a sale.



Easy to Use

Let’s face it. It’s a bit of a pain to text on the small screen of your mobile phone. It’s slow and there’s always a chance for fat fingering. Then, there’s that pesky auto-correct. With Text to Landline Pro, you’ll have the ability to send a text with ease from your desktop or laptop computer.


Broadcast Text Messaging

Have an opt-in database of customers that want to receive your text messages? Text to Landline Pro is the perfect way to reach a mass audience quickly and efficiently.

Sales Prospecting

Introduce a new product to your customers en masse via broadcast text messaging. Wait for the responses to come back and engage 1 to 1 with them. (Note — We don’t recommend this for the initial contact method.)


Keyword Responses

Our system uses artificial intelligence to detect messages sent by your customer or prospect. You can even set up your account to give message replies based on the keyword or phrase received.

Reply Wherever You Are -- You’ll Love Our App!

Business today is 24/7. Customers want, and expect, responses on the weekend and during the evening hours when your office is likely closed. If you don’t reply, somebody else will. Text to Landline Pro gives you the ability to respond to messages during off office hours. What that means for you is greater customer satisfaction and increased sales.



You’ll receive a notification when a customer wants to engage you with your text to landline product so you can respond wherever you are.


Text to Landline Pro enables your busy staff to do what they do best — multi-task. Your team can engage with a new prospect via text while talking to an existing customer on the very same landline phone number.


Security & Compliance

With Text to Landline Pro, you’ll keep a record of your 1 to 1 conversations just like you have done for years with email. Unlike a voice conversation, however, that means there’s no confusion later on what was said or promised.

No Cost to Your Customers

Ever send a text message to a business landline? You’ll get a response message indicating that you are attempting to text and landline and the carrier will give you the option of completing that text if you are willing to pay 25 cents or more to do so. With Text to Landline Pro, your customers don’t have to pay anything to text your landline.


Don’t Lose Leads

When you experience turnover in your sales department, often much of the knowledge of the prospect engagement is lost. Not so if your salesperson was using Text to Landline Pro where all of the text conversations are logged. You paid for those leads; don’t let them escape to a competitor with your exiting salesperson.


1 to 1 Chat

There’s nothing more powerful than a 1 to 1 personalized text chat with a customer or prospect. Make friends, offer great customer service, and you’ll have a customer for life.

Top Notch Customer Service

Whether you engage your customers with your computer or our handy app, you’ll improve customer satisfaction and be more likely to keep that customer or land that next big new deal.

Use Your Existing Landline Or Get a New One

Don’t have or don’t want to use your landline? No problem. We can reserve one for you. We may even be able to find a vanity phone number for your business. All USA and Canada area code and toll free numbers are available. The only caveat is that the number must be a landline; mobile numbers need not apply.


Set Up Large Volume Short Code Messaging

If you’d like to set up large volume interactive and broadcast text message programs, please visit our site 84444.com.


If you’d like to set up MMS on your account let us know! This will allow you to attach MMS or picture messages! NEW in 2020!

How It Works

Respond by Voice or Text on the Same Landline Number

With landlines, the voice and the texting solution are not linked. We’ll text enable your landline in just a few days with no interruption or change in your current voice service. The two systems work independently so there’s no need to change carriers.

Questions? Or, if you have a question that is not answered on the website, please Contact Us. You can even sample our service by Texting Our Landline at 610-688-6000.