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Give Your Landline Texting more leads

Text to Landline Can Generate 5-10 More Leads Per Month!

Sometimes it’s difficult to convince somebody that they need something when you can’t immediately show them the benefit. That’s why the car salesman asks you to sit in the driver’s seat. Once you get that lovely new car smell, you are that much closer to making what will likely be the second largest purchase of your life!

Unfortunately, this is one of the problems with Text to Landline. You don’t know what you are missing until you actually buy the product. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how many people sent a text to your business landline last month. And, we have no idea how many will text you next month, because there’s really no way to check that out.

But, the fact is that customers and prospects are likely already sending text messages to your landline…you just don’t know it.

I must admit. I wasn’t a believer until we added Text to Landline to our own business landlines at Advanced Telecom Services and Purplegator. In fact, we’ve had the same business landline at Advanced Telecom Services since 1989. Surely, everybody knows this is a business landline and won’t be sending any text messages to it, I thought.

When we first installed the product, in the first month, we received 3 new business leads at Advanced Telecom Services and 5 new business leads and 4 customer contacts at Purplegator. That made me a believer for sure. You have to wonder. How many of those consumers and customers would have called us anyway. Some probably, but likely not all. For the new business prospects, they would probably have just sent a text to the next appropriate business on their Google search.

You don’t what you’re missing.

Take a huge risk. Invest $44 to test it out and you’ll soon learn that people are already texting your landline. Now, you’ll actually be able to sell them something.